Paddy Padmanabhan, MBA

Founder and CEO
Damo Consulting

Paddy is the author of: Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future

Paddy is an award-winning growth strategist, business leader, and entrepreneur with deep experience in healthcare technology markets. He has worked extensively in the healthcare sector as a consultant and trusted advisor to C-suite executives in large global corporations and technology startups. Paddy is the Founder and CEO of Damo Consulting Inc., a Chicago-based Healthcare Growth Advisory Firm.

Paddy has held senior leadership positions at global technology firms including Accenture and Wipro, where he ran a $150 million healthcare IT consulting business. He was an investor in and served as the EVP and Chief Business Officer of BeyondCore, a VC-funded Silicon Valley advanced analytics company that was acquired by Salesforce in 2016. As one of the founding members of Symphony Analytics, a division of Symphony Teleca, a PE-owned bay area technology firm, he developed a cloud-based advanced analytics platform that won recognition by research firm Gartner. Symphony Teleca was acquired by Harman International in 2014.

Paddy is the co-author of Healthcare Digital Transformation – How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future(Taylor & Francis, Aug 2020), along with Edward W. Marx. Paddy is also the author of the best-selling book The Big Unlock – Harnessing Data and Growing Digital Health Businesses in a Value-based Care Era (Archway Publishing, 2017). He is the host of the highly subscribed The Big Unlock podcast on digital transformation in healthcare featuring C-level executives from the healthcare and technology sectors. He is widely published and has a by-lined column in CIO Magazine and other respected industry publications.

Paddy is a graduate of the CMI program of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, and a B.S in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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